Annett Kiener was born in Germany. Her family moved to Brasil when she was 13. She lived there for 12 years and started her editing career in São Paulo in 1989. She returned to Germany in 1990 where she lives in Hamburg. After having assisted for some commercial- and featurefilm productions she worked permantly for Production International (Hamburg) from 1992 – 1994 as editing assistent, postproduction supervisor and finaly junior editor. Freelance editor since 1994 Annett edited innumerable TV and cinema commercials, some videoclips, documentaries, Imagefilms and short-films.

Annett worked for production companies such as: Markenfilm, Silbersee Film, Cobblestone Pictures, Neue Sentimental Film, Wunderfilm, HKF, BLM, Sterntag, Caspari Film, Blow Film, BSW, Rasen TV, Glass Film, Filmbar, Pumpkin Film and Snapfilm (both in switzerland), MME, element e, Tempomedia, etc.

She worked for directores such as: Otto Alexander Jahrreiss, D.W. Buck, Sebastian Strasser, Florian Beisert, Mark Schöllermann, Axel Laubscher, Wiebke Bernd, Jan Schultchen, Jan Wentz, Georg Molitoris, Marieli Fröhlich, Frederik Bond, Roenberg, Michael Toft, Per Dreyer, Martines, Uwe Buhrdorf, Frank Brendel, Barry Meyers, Bob Giraldi, Kaspar Wedendahl, Jonas Alexander Arnby, Sven & Calle, Lars Büchel, Martin Haerlin, Jean-Claude Thibaut etc.

She speaks German and Portuguese fluently, very good English and understands Spanish and Italian quite well.